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Polyester Press FeltPolyester Press FeltPolyester Press FeltPolyester Press FeltPolyester Press Felt

Polyester Press Felt

    Title: Polyester Press Felt

    Key words: Polyester Press Felt

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    High quality press felt and dryer felt for paper making machine


    The press felt plays an important role in removing the water from the paper web after the forming section, and at the same time imparting smoothness and conveying it to the dryer section. For this reason, the press felt needs to provide the following functions: water removal, smoothness and runnability. In recent years, larger and faster paper machines require press felts of even higher consistency and quality.

    Single Layer BOM Felt is made up of single base layer mesh fabric and fiber layer. Base layer is woven from synthetic mono-filament or multi-filament. The structure is designed base on different paper machines, press types and different papers. The fiber layer is consisted of different laps of fiber web and different diameter of fiber for the best trainability and fiber support index. It has good quality properties such as less elongation, easy to wash, no-mark on paper, long life performance and can be used in various paper machines to produce different kinds of paper.

    Paper Grade:≥8g/m2


    GSM: 700~1200g/m2

    Felt GSM Tolerance:≤±4

    Air Permeability:30~120CFM

    Tensile Strength:≥2000N/5cm

    Elongation Percentage:≤1%

    Width Variation:≤±2cm

    Double Layer Press Felts include 1+1 composite structure and double layer of MD yarn structure. The 1+1 composite structure consists of two layer base meshes of different thickness. Both of these base meshes can be changed in construction and sizes to suit the requirements of different paper machines. Double layer felts have the features of high press resistance, good flexibility, permeability and size stability, less elongation, excellent tensile strength. The felts are also resistant to vacuum marks, blind hole marks, groove marks etc. Double layer BOM felts are used in press types such as: groove press, vacuum suction press, multi-press, large diameter nip-roll press to produce high grade printing papers, news-prints, technical papers, packaging papers, high grade paper boards etc.

    Paper Grade:≥8g/m2


    GSM: 950~1450g/m2

    Felt GSM Tolerance:≤±4%

    Air Permeability:30~110cfm

    Tensile Strength:≥3000N/5cm

    Elongation Percentage:≤0.6%

    Width Variation:≤±2cm

    Triple layer BOM press felts include the structures of 1 +2, 2 +1 and 1 +1 +1 composite felts. The press felts can be applied to more than 200 kN/m linear pressure and possess the features of good flexibility and permeability, excellent size stability, long life performance. Triple layer press felts are used in high speed paper machines for suction complex press, large diameter nip roll press and shoe press to produce high grade news-prints, writing papers, paper-boards etc.

    Paper Grade:≥40g/m2 news-prints,writing papers,high grade board papers etc.


    GSM: 1450~1750g/m2

    GSM Tolerance:≤±4%

    Air Permeability:40~90cfm

    Tensile Strength:≥4500N/5cm

    Elongation Percentage:≤0.6%

    Width Variation:≤±2cm

    TypeFilament diameter
    Tensile strengthweight
    27508 Flat Yarn 50x326x0.18+0.5028.525220010001.20 1.95 160050-80
    27508-1 Flat Yarn 50x32600DFilament+0.5028.521220010000.90 1.90 72020-50
    27508-2 Flat Yarn 50x32Polyester filament stranding28.523.5220010001.10 2.10 3102-10

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    Polyester Press Felt

    Polyester Press Felt

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    Polyester Press Felt

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