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Ironing Iron Is Recommended When Cutting Industrial Filter Cloth

Jun 14, 2019

When using industrial Flat Double Warp Wire Dryer Fabric, first pay attention to whether there is relevant approval for the health department and ensure that there is no side effect on the human body. After using the filter cloth, it becomes hard and hydrophobic, and the gas permeability is deteriorated. In order to avoid these conditions and extend the life of the filter cloth, we remember to clean it after use.

When cutting, it is recommended to iron with a soldering iron. The filter cake should not stick to the filter cloth for a long time, otherwise it will cause deformation and sagging of the filter cloth. Make sure that the industrial filter cloth on the frame plate is flat and fixed, and avoid damaging the filter cloth by folding and compressing the filter cloth.

Flat Double Warp Wire Dryer Fabric

Industrial Flat Wire Warp Wire Dryer Fabric for different filter objects of acid and alkali resistance, tensile strength, filtration accuracy, filtration speed and other requirements, first determine the filter cloth material, model, and then according to the size, shape, processing and matching of the filter plate The filter cloth bag can be placed on the industrial filter cloth.

The industrial filter cloth has excellent acid and alkali resistance and high tensile strength. After hot melt calendering, not only the surface of the product becomes smooth and smooth, but also the industrial filter cloth is more permeable and permeable; it is tough and durable, and it is easy to remove. Advantages such as service life; filter cloth can be glued or double-layered on the neck and filter cloth according to customer needs to ensure airtightness.

The industrial filter cloth ensures easy peeling and easy regeneration of the filter cake. And according to the fineness of the materials, it accurately meets the filtration accuracy requirements of various industries. The interface is made of acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and high-strength thread for durability and long service life. The custom filter cloth connects the rubber ring of the neck and the size of the embedded rubber to make it more suitable for the filter plate.

When selecting an industrial filter cloth, pay attention to selecting a filter cloth with good regeneration performance. The filter cloth with good regeneration performance can directly wash the industrial filter cloth on the filter press to reduce the number of times of changing. The filter cloth of the replacement is restored to 80 or more by simple treatment (drying, washing, etc.).

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