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Tips for Extending the Life of Dust Bag

Jan 18, 2020

Polyester Mesh Belts China manufacturer shares with you.

First, choose the right filter

1. The selection of filter materials should be based on the temperature and chemical characteristics of the gas; particle size, weight, shape, presence or absence of pecking, and dust concentration, filtration speed, dust removal method, discharge concentration, and working system of the bag filter Considering.

2. In general, needle-punched felt is used for the pulse-jet bag type dust collector; the woven fabric is used for the separate-room back-blown bag type dust collector or mechanical vibration bag type dust collector.

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Second, design a reasonable structure

1. The structure of the filter bag should meet the requirements of filtering and dust removal of the matching bag type dust collector, and it should be easy to install, reliable and sealed. Pursue the corresponding filtering area and good filtering status, and it is easy to clean the dust while avoiding wear as much as possible. Cooperate reasonably with related parts.

2. If the outer filter type synthetic fiber filter bag and the frame should be loosely matched, the outer filter type glass fiber filter bag should be closely matched with the small-pitch vertical rib frame; the inner filter type filter bag should consider and set the filter bag expansion force.

Third, superb sewing technology

1. Advanced technology, the sewing size meets the design requirements, and the heat shrink size is reserved according to the type of filter material and the use temperature;

2. Fully equipped, reasonable stitch pitch, no-stitch skipping or thread breakage, the stitching meets the requirements;

3. High-quality accessories, reasonable cooperation, no burrs or breaks to damage the filter bag;

4. The entire filter bag is free of defects such as pinholes, yarn jumps, stains, etc., and has appropriate packaging, which will not be damaged or damp during storage and transportation. The glass fiber filter bag should not be heavy pressed and the storage period is too long, otherwise, it will affect the service life.

When the bag filter is in operation, it should prevent sudden abnormal conditions, such as sudden rise in gas temperature, or the entry of corrosive gas, or the sudden drop in gas temperature below the dew point, etc., subject to temperature, humidity, chemical corrosion, and mechanical wear Or shock and other factors will damage the filter bag.

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