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Polyester Pulp Wash FabricPolyester Pulp Wash FabricPolyester Pulp Wash FabricPolyester Pulp Wash FabricPolyester Pulp Wash Fabric

Polyester Pulp Wash Fabric

    Title: Polyester Pulp Wash Fabric

    Key words: Polyester Pulp Wash Fabric

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    polyester pulp washing fabric

    The Pulp Washing Mesh Fabric is a mesh used for removing impurities when the paper mill uses recycled waste paper to make pulp to replace the log pulp. It is woven with polyester monofilament. The requirements of paper mills for the pulp washing mesh fabric are fast dewatering, high retention rate, and fully filter out the debris in the recycled pulp.


    Polyester Pulp Washing Mesh Fabric is used in several washing equipments. It’s mostly used in the horizontal belt washer, vacuum washer and rotary drum vacuum washer. The 2-shed plain-woven pulp washing mesh fabric is mainly used in special lines, such as paper pulps making, Subplate pulp packing and pulp, fiberboard plats as well as colliery, food and medicine as a conveyor belt.

    Features / Benefits

    High quality polyester material.

    Uniform mesh apertures.

    Great dimensional stability.

    Excellent anti-wear property.

    Superb heat and corrosion resistance.

    Excellent air and water permeability.

    Efficient blocking prevention.

    Easy to peel off filtered cakes.

    Can be used time after time.

    TypeFilament diameter mmDensity/root cmTensile strength/cmweight  kg/㎡Thickness  mmAir permeabillty ㎡/m³h
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    Plywood box.

    Polyester Mesh Belts

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