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Application Of Polyester Mesh In The Printing Of Glass Products

Nov 04, 2019

Polyester Mesh Netting can be divided into polyester molding net, polyester dry net, polyester spiral net, pressure filter, sludge dewatering net, washing net, weaving net, polyethylene net, decorative net, polyester net according to the use. Weaving series can be divided into four series, five comprehensive, seven comprehensive, eight comprehensive, sixteen comprehensive, twenty-four comprehensive series. According to the type, it can be divided into single layer network, double layer network, two layer and half network, and three layer network.

Features: It has acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. It is several times of woven dry blanket, canvas and general dry net. The mesh surface is flat, the tensile strength is high, and the air permeability is good. High heat transfer efficiency saves energy for users. Easy to install and use, the interface has no marks, and the strength can reach the normal network. It has the characteristics of high strength, small deformation, good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long service life. It is used in sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramic, food, printing, coal washing and other industries.

Polyester mesh is a very important member of screen printing products. The low elongation of the polyester mesh and the performance after immersion are unparalleled. Today, the Polyester Mesh Netting China Manufacturer mainly talks about the whole process of polyester mesh printing in glass products. Before we understand the printing of glass products, we need to understand the principle of screen printing.

Polyester Mesh Netting

Polyester Mesh Netting

The principle of Polyester Mesh Netting Manufacture: the ink is accurately printed on the surface of the glass product, and then the ink is permanently cured on the glass by a curing operation.

Glass product printing process:

The glass is cut to size as required, then the edges are polished and finally cleaned. Then you can print, Zhang Net - Admiral - Dry - Sunburn - Show - Dry, this is the whole process of printing.

We talk about the printing process of glass products is not to teach you how to print, but to let everyone know the principle of glass printing. After understanding the principle, when we buy the polyester mesh, we can choose the silk screen mesh products that are suitable for us, and we can also freely use our imagination throughout the operation.

At the same time give you some suggestions: the choice of polyester mesh also needs to be matched with the ink, choose the ink product suitable for polyester mesh, in order to draw a high-precision, colorful pattern.

In addition, the polyester net has some precautions when it is used:

1. Proofreading of the paper machine before the polyester net, the rollers are sensitive to rolling. Put the polyester net into the application workshop one week earlier. To adapt to temperature changes.

2, when the polyester mesh should be avoided and sharp edges and corners, it is forbidden to work near the polyester net for smoking and open flame.

3. The operating temperature of the polyester mesh shall not exceed 150 °C, the tension of the single-layer polyester molding mesh shall be controlled at 40-50N/CM, and the tension of the polyester molding mesh of double-layer or more shall be controlled at 60-70N/CM, and the tension control of the polyester dry mesh At 15N-25N/CM.

4, the storage conditions of the polyester net: the temperature is about 20 ° C, the relative humidity is about 50%. Because the temperature, humidity and storage time of different regions are different, the length scale of the polyester mesh will change, and the first-time polyester mesh should be used first. The polyester mesh will have a certain elongation for 24-28 hours from the start of operation. This process should pay attention to adjusting the tension of the polyester mesh and it will be stable in the future.

5, because of the special nature of polyester mesh raw materials, please pay attention to the scientific use of detergent when cleaning polyester mesh, chemical cleaning must use neutral or 5% cold lye cooperation soft brush to wash, and then immediately flush with water.

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