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The Printing Process Of Wire Mesh

Oct 28, 2019

As an important filtering equipment, the screen has the performance characteristics and uses that other products cannot replace:

1, with excellent resistance to corrosion, wear, high temperature and other properties.

2. Desirable resistance to shrinkage, oxidation and fracture at negative temperature and high temperature.

3. The plan is fair, the layout is compact, the specifications are many, the installation is convenient, and the operation is reliable.

Vacuum Filter Belt

Vacuum Filter Belt

The wire mesh is mainly used in glass annealing, granular metal transmission, kerosene chemical, chemical fiber, electronics industry, color picture tube, building materials, food machine, powder metallurgy, heat treatment, glass fiber, washing furnace, reflow, sintering furnace and other industrialization lines.

In the process of screen printing, the plate making process is the key. The first step in the preparation of the screen printing is the selection of the screen, which is related to the advantages and disadvantages of the screen version and production obedience. So what are the main printing processes of wire mesh? The Polyester Filter Fabric Manufacturer will come to tell you.

First, the choice of mesh size:

Think about the inks used by the three factors:

1. as usual water-based ink is applied to the thicker screen (125-180 mesh / inch) (inch is the length unit 1inch = 1000mil = 2.54cm = 25.4mm);

2. solvent ink in the printing of advertising, electrical appliances, etc., the selection of medium mesh screen (196-420 mesh / inch);

3. UV ink uses high mesh screen (355-457 mesh / inch);

4. Generally, the pigment particles of the ink are smaller than the force of the ink, and the ink has good passability. The ink can pass very well under the high mesh screen; and the ink with a high pigment concentration is small, but the permeability is It will be worse.

Type of substrate:

1. A substrate with a rough appearance, to achieve the best ink layer hiding rate, more ink is necessary, so a thicker screen is used;

2. A non-absorbent substrate with a smooth appearance requires a relatively small amount of ink, so a higher mesh screen is used.

The screen meshes with the original image: The selected mesh size is sufficient for the image on the film, ensuring sufficient screen support for the finest image area. (The most thin line width that can be printed out by a certain number of meshes is the sum of the mesh aperture and the wire diameter plus the expansion of about 7% of the wire mesh weaving.

The manufacturing process of the wire mesh leads to caution in the use of the wire mesh. If improperly handled, such as improper storage during use, the effect of the wire mesh will be affected. For example, when the Polyester Mesh Netting is exposed to a corrosive substance, it can cause undesirable results. At first, the wire mesh parts will become thinner and thinner, resulting in faster wear. The rust on the ordinary wire mesh parts will also affect the motorized rotation of the stainless steel wire mesh buttons and rollers. When the stainless steel mesh is continuous in acidic or alkaline conditions, the parts will be subject to stress corrosion and crystal corrosion. When using a wire mesh in the case of rotification, it is necessary to select the material of the wire mesh parts. Whether the wire mesh made of stainless steel series parts will produce rust depends on the details. Mastering the anti-corrosion skills is very effective in accurately utilizing the screen in the case of corrosiveness.

The above is about the production process of the wire mesh. It should be cautious in the process of using the wire mesh, and don't forget to maintain it daily and avoid placing it in a corrosive place. If you are interested in the screen, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of material mesh, as well as Vacuum Filter Belt, etc., welcome you.

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