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Which Kinds Of Conditions Are Likely To Cause Damage To The Breathable Layer Of The Filter Cloth?

Apr 09, 2019

Today 2 Shed Plain Fabric Wholesaler to come to Which kinds of conditions are likely to cause damage to the breathable layer of the filter cloth.

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1.  Corrosion

The main reason for corrosion is that the exhaust gas contains acid and alkaline components. The dew point changes with the concentration of these chemical gases. If the gas permeable layer is turned on or stopped below the dew point, the SO2 in the exhaust gas forms water and forms H2SO2. Deformation and loss of strength, the method of prevention is to use acid and alkali resistant filter bags, to keep the dust collector inlet pipe and outer casing warm, and to heat the dust collector under certain conditions.

The condensation water in the exhaust gas will also cause the filter bag to be clogged. When the initial dust layer on the surface of the filter bag is dry due to moisture, the dust will condense and stagnate, resulting in the filter bag being elastic, if under this condition. Pulse cleaning of the filter bag will accelerate the damage of the filter bag.

After the dust collector is stopped, the filter bag is washed and blown back several times, which is beneficial to the protection filter bag.

2. Burned down

The cause of the burning of the gas permeable layer is mainly due to the excessive temperature of the exhaust gas.

If the temperature of the exhaust gas treated by the precipitator for a long time exceeds the working condition of the filter bag, it is easy to harden and shrink the filter bag, or to melt the hole, and the inflow of Mars in the exhaust gas or the heat of the dust may also cause the filter bag to be burned into a hole. Filter bags are especially important.

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