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Do You Really Know How To Choose The Right Filter Cloth?

Apr 16, 2019

Today we Polyester Filter Cloth China Manufacturer come to summarize Do you really know how to choose the right filter cloth.

Different Polyester Filter Cloth needs and different types of filtering equipment impose different requirements on the filter cloth. As long as the filter cloth is scientifically and properly selected, the processing ability and the separation quality of the filtering equipment can be effectively improved.

Polyester Filter Cloth China Manufacturer

Preparation before selecting the Polyester Filter Fabric. Before selecting the filter cloth, it is necessary to specifically understand the types of materials in the solid-liquid separation process, the intentions, the production ability, the filter type, and other performance indicators, in order to select a suitable filter cloth. However, due to the wide variety of performance indicators, it is difficult to select a suitable filter cloth with good performance. In many cases, the selection of filter cloths is usually based on mutual consideration.

1. Filter requirements. Understand whether it is to recover the solids to discard the liquid, or to recover the liquid to discard the solids, perhaps both of them are recovered, or both are discarded; the liquid content of the filter cake and the clarity of the filtrate are required; whether the waste needs to be disposed of.

2. Characteristics of solid particles in the slurry. Such as particle size, particle size distribution range, solid particle compressibility, particle shape, solid true density.

3. Characteristics of the liquid in the feed liquid. Such as viscosity, density, acid and alkali, oxidation-reduction, solubility to organic matter and temperature.

4. Characteristics of the slurry. Such as viscosity, density, concentration (part of solids and liquids), dispersion of particles.

5. Filter type. The type of filter is determined according to the specific conditions such as production ability, investment, and area of use.

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