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Filter Cloth Is Usually Used For Chemical Treatment Of Filter Media

May 31, 2019

Here is Polyester Filter Cloth China Manufacturer talking about Filter cloth is usually used for chemical treatment of filter media.

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1. Singeing and calendering

Dust particles have the property of being attached to or in contact with other dust particles. When the suspended dust particles are in contact with each other, they are adsorbed and gathered together. The cohesive force of dust is related to various factors such as the type, shape, particle size distribution and surface characteristics of the moisture, and can be characterized by the angle of repose, usually 30°-45°.

An angle of repose of less than 30° is referred to as low adhesion and good fluidity. For such dust, a surface treated filter material with filter material removed is used to increase the surface area of the filter material and increase the dust collection rate of the filter material. During the cleaning process, this dust is blown out from the deep part of the filter material; the angle of repose is greater than 45°, which is called high adhesion and poor fluidity. For this type of dust, the surface of the filter is used to improve the smooth surface of the filter material. The degree of dust increases the dust collection rate on the surface of the filter material and prevents it from being difficult to clean after it has been deeply drilled into the filter material.

Polyester Filter Cloth China Manufacturer

2. Antistatic treatment

Some dust (or flammable gas) dispersed in the air will burn when burned at a specific concentration. Therefore, it is recommended to use an antistatic treated filter cloth for flammable and explosive dust. The antistatic filter cloth refers to a conductive fiber mixed in the filter cloth fiber and has three-dimensional conductivity (body resistance is less than 107 Ω). Commonly used conductive fibers are stainless steel fibers and modified (carburized) chemical fibers. The conductivity of the stainless steel fiber is stable and reliable, and the conductivity of the modified chemical fiber is easily degraded after time.

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