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The Dust Layer On The Filter Cloth Has A Dust Removal Effect

May 27, 2019

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When the ash ratio is large, the inertia of ash is large, and it is easy to separate from the surface of the Polyester Drying Belt after vibration, and the ash cleaning effect is enhanced. When the ash layer is thin or porous, the gas permeability is good, the dust removal resistance and dust removal efficiency are low; When the layer is sticky, it is not easy to clean and the resistance is high. When the ash layer is thick enough, high dust removal efficiency can be achieved.

Within a few minutes or hours after the new Polyester Fabric Mesh is used, the dust fills the pores of the filter cloth; after the filter cloth is used for several weeks or longer, it is ashed several times until a stable remaining ash layer is established; The amount of ash cleared from the filter bag is approximately equal to the amount of ash accumulated on the filter bag before the next cleaning, and the resistance is also the same under the condition that the cleaning condition is unfavorable.

Polyester Dryer Fabric China Manufacturer

The ash layer plays a very important role in the actual dust removal process. The ash layer on the surface of the filter cloth is composed of dust particles of different sizes and has various structural properties and porosity. Under normal conditions, it affects the dust collector. Dust removal efficiency and resistance determine the running performance.

The filter cloth generally adopts a monofilament plus multifilament yarn blending and satin weaving process. The advantage of this weave is that the surface is smooth, the back surface is rough, and the front and rear openings are different in size. The surface has a large hole and the back hole is small, so that it is easy to intercept the solid, easy to drain, and the surface is smooth to remove the solid on the surface. Many polyester fabrics of filter cloth manufacturers contain polypropylene, which is not a polyester material. The filter cloth is affected by the temperature and PH value of the gypsum slurry in the absorption tower. The filter cloth is prone to deformation and tear; the filter cloth is overlapped. During the installation process, some artificial factors also directly or indirectly affect the service life of the filter cloth.

Polypropylene in the filter cloth: acid and alkali resistance is better, (ph value 1--13) use temperature is less than 90 degrees, but the tensile strength is not high. Most filter cloth manufacturers do not use this material. Since the slurry coming out of the absorption tower generally has a pH of between 4 and 7, the temperature of the gypsum is between 70 and 80 degrees. 

The filter cloth is made of polyester yarn with high-temperature resistance and good alkali resistance to woven the filter cloth for flue gas desulfurization. Polyester material in the filter cloth: This material is an ideal choice under acidic conditions, high-temperature resistance (temperature less than 150 degrees at pH 1--9), strong tensile strength, longitudinal and lateral stability, wear resistance it is good.

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