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How To Choose The Right Filter Cloth?

May 05, 2019

The original and method of selection. 

The following aspects should be considered in the selection of Press Filter Fabric Belt:

Polyester Woven Mesh Vinyl Fabric

1. The physical and chemical stability of the filter cloth material. The appropriate Polyester Woven Mesh Vinyl Fabric material should be selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the slurry. The physical and chemical properties to be considered when selecting the filter cloth include the use temperature, tensile properties, and deformability, chemical stability, solubility or swelling, acid, and alkali resistance.

2. Mechanical properties such as energy, elongation, and elasticity. Filtering equipment such as belt vacuum filter, filter cloth walking box filter press, folding belt discharge drum vacuum filter, etc. require filter cloth to have good tensile properties.

3. Filtering accuracy. The selected filter cloth should meet the filtration accuracy specified in the production process. Indicators reflecting the filtration accuracy are the bubble pore size, the permeation particle size, and the initial filtrate turbidity (the filtrate is allowed to have a solid content). Indicates that the bubble diameter has two indicators. In general, filtration accuracy requires less filtration of high-concentration materials. The particle size of the selected filter cloth should not be too different from the particle size of the particles to be trapped in the material to avoid short circuit. However, for the filtration of the filter with high filtration precision or the filtration of the thin slurry without filter cake, the permeation particle size of the selected filter cloth should not be larger than the particle size of the material to be retained in the material to ensure the filtration precision.

In addition, the uniformity of the pores of the filter cloth is also important and can be described by the ratio of the boiling bubble aperture to the bubble aperture. When the ratio approaches 1, it means that the filter cloth has a uniform degree of uniformity.

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