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Polyester Forming Fabric

Apr 27, 2019

Polyester Forming Fabric is an important part of papermaking.

27358 is the one sizes of polyester forming a fabric.

Polyester Forming Fabric

The single woven mesh of synthetic monofilaments No. 28-5 or equivalent.

Type of products: corrugated paper, cardboard for the outer layers of corrugated cardboard, kraft bag paper, wrapping paper.

Concentration in the storage box 0.5-0.95%

the pH of the mass in the headbox - 5.5-7.5

Polyester Forming Fabric

twill weave

mesh thickness 1.1mm

Usage: air 600-700 CFM Machine speed 110 m / min Paperweight 80-140 g / m2 single layer

Hebei reking wire mesh is the manufacturer of polyester forming a fabric.

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