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Classification Of Industrial Filter Fabric

Nov 21, 2019

Industrial filter fabric can be divided into many different types according to different methods. Today, the Polyester Mesh China Manufacturer introduces three classification methods of industrial filter cloth.

Industrial filter cloth yarn type classification can be divided into monofilament yarn, which is a single continuous filament made of synthetic fiber; multifilament yarn is made of two or more continuous monofilament yarns; short-staple yarns are made of natural or synthetic short fibers into a continuous fiber line; according to the weaving method of industrial filter cloth, it can be divided into three types: plain, twill and satin. According to the industrial filter cloth material, classification can be divided into natural fibers such as cotton, wool, hemp; chemical synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, polyacrylonitrile, acrylic, polyester fiber. In general, natural fibers are used at a lower temperature than synthetic fibers, which are less chemically resistant than chemical synthetic fibers.

Polyester Screen Mesh

At present, the most common industrial filter cloths on the market are: polypropylene filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, vinylon filter cloth, cotton filter cloth, non-woven fabric, single multifilament filter cloth, and so on.

Filter cloth applications: chemical industry, food industry, metallurgical industry, non-metallic minerals, pharmaceutical industry, environmental engineering.

The Polyester Screen Mesh distributed by our company: long service life and high filtration efficiency. We have professional technicians to choose the most suitable filter bag according to the user's requirements for various pH, temperature, filtration precision and anti-static of filter fabric.

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