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Do Not Lock Filter Fabric Too Tightly When Installing Industrial Filter Fabric

Nov 28, 2019

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In industrial press cloth installation, it is necessary to note that there is no foreign body or large sludge particles between the industrial press cloth and the filter plate, which may cause damage to the filter plate or industrial press cloth when the plate is closed. Spare industrial press cloth should be stored in a cool and dry place. Dark shade cloth is recommended for protection against ultraviolet rays and aging of press cloth material. Pay attention to the front and back sides of industrial press cloth installation. In general, the press cloth is facing mud when there is no special requirement. Otherwise, the filter cloth is easily blocked and the filter power is low.

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When installing industrial press cloth, do not lock the press cloth too tightly with the clasp, otherwise, the residual sludge in the press cloth in the pressed contact part of the filter plate will not be automatically cleaned and removed. The press contact part of the filter plate around the industrial press cloth should be smooth; There is no foreign body between the filter cloth and the filter plate; Prevent the long tail from damaging the press cloth; Attention should be paid to the front and back of industrial press cloth device; Do not lock press cloth too tightly with clasp.

When measuring the industrial filter cloth, pay attention to the woven rope working with the filter cloth. Hold one end of the woven rope with a little bit of force when working with the filter cloth to tighten the woven rope. Otherwise, the measured length error is relatively large. Pay attention to the length of the metal joint that should not be neglected. The metal joint should be counted in the length of the filter belt when measuring. In order to prevent the tail of the buckle from being too long, which may extend into some parts of the filter plate and damage the filter cloth, or form mud leakage, the short tail should be cut off.

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