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Filter Cleaning Method

Oct 17, 2019

The filter belt is mainly used for the solid-liquid separation of the sludge filter. The composition of the filter is complex and the properties are different. Therefore, the filter belt needs to have certain corrosion resistance to ensure its performance. Next, we will Let's take a look at the function of the filter belt.

1. The use of anti-corrosion filter belt can eliminate the appearance of the bridge caused by the interception of large particles, and at the same time has a certain degree of effective prevention of the appearance of the filter.

2, filter filter anti-corrosion filter belt in the production process to add special substances, long-term resistance to corrosive filtrate damage.

3. The filter belt is resistant to corrosion by various chemicals.

Since the filter is filled with the filter cake after a certain period of operation, the material is removed and the filter plate is swung, at which point the filter belt needs to be replaced. So how do you properly replace the filter belt without damaging the filter function? As an Acid Resistance Polyester Fabric Filter Manufacturer, we can give you some suggestions.

1. Each time the unloading is performed, the protective filter belt that requires additional protection when loading and unloading with auxiliary materials will not be damaged. Since the filter belt is always woven with the fibers, collision of solids is prevented as much as possible. After removing the bracket, the filter belt is very simple, and some filter belts have a protective film outside, which is not known to be dangerous. Once the filter belt is damaged, it will greatly affect the filtration resistance and filtration capacity of the equipment.

2. The placement of the filter belt is divided into two aspects. Place the filter belt in the warehouse. Store the filter belt in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent high temperatures and high humidity. The placement of the filter belt on the membrane filter is fixed and flat. When replacing the filter belt, the filter belt should be placed flat on the filter plate to prevent wrinkles and stacking. Fix the filter belt to the filter plate and pull the belt on the filter belt to the specified position to prevent the filter cake from accumulating on the filter plate of the filter during the filtration process. The seal severely affects the filtration of the equipment.

In addition to meeting the filter requirements, the function of the filter belt also has the function of isolating the filter to prevent corrosion and other damage to the filter belt. The use of the filter belt is worthy of attention during the use. The correct way should be taken when replacing.

Of course, if you want to reduce expenses, you can clean it regularly. Here is the method.

Vacuum Filter Belt

Vacuum Filter Belt

When cleaning the filter, we can use the manual method in general. Gently remove the Vacuum Filter Belt from the plate frame and then soak in water. If it is soaked in warm water, the effect is better. After soaking for one hour, it can be rubbed repeatedly by hand, and the detergent is also good. You can also use a brush, which is a general household shoe brush, and gently brush the impurities on the filter belt. After brushing clean, replace with water to rinse. Of course, the above is for ordinary filter belts. If the material filtered by the filter belt is acidic or alkaline chemical, it is not suitable to do so. At this time, we use a neutral method to soak the filter belt. If the filter belt is acidic, then we can use the alkaline solution to soak the filter belt. If the filter belt is alkaline, we can soak the filter belt with a slightly acidic solution. There are many types of filter belts. We can choose the appropriate cleaning method according to the characteristics of the filter belt.

The hydraulic oil is like the blood of the sand washing filter. It acts as a lubricating part to make the sand filter filter. Over time, the hydraulic oil will emulsifie, and the hydraulic oil will work in a high-pressure closed environment, which will wash the surface of the sand washing machine, and impurities will be mixed into the hydraulic oil, which will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil. In this way, the hydraulic oil does not function to protect the sand washing filter. Therefore, pay attention to the hydraulic oil when cleaning the sand filter, and replace it when appropriate.

Before the filter is cleaned, we need to understand the nature of the filter belt filter and choose the cleaning method we want. When the filtrate is acidic, we should choose the weak alkali water to soak the filter belt, usually soak for 10~24 hours, then gently rub the filter belt several times, then rinse with water, then dry to 90% dry It can be used again. Also for acidic or neutral filtrates, we only need to change the infusing solution to weakly acidic. It is worth mentioning that when the filtrate has blocking properties, we need to add some corresponding diluent in the infusion solution to achieve better washing effect.

The above is about how to clean the filter belt. If you need it, you can contact us. We not only have vacuum filter belt, but also Plain Weaving Polyester Fabrics, the quality is excellent, we believe that our service can satisfy you.

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