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How to choose filter cloth for plate and frame filter press?

Mar 11, 2020

Plate and frame filter press filter cloth specifications, model selection has always been the number one problem that plagues filter press users. Because the filter cloth filter model is suitable or not is the most core factor related to the processing effect of the filter. The filter presses of various manufacturers are basically the same in terms of working principle and workflow. Only the selection of filter cloths for filter presses is different. Except for special appointments, filter press manufacturers generally ship a certain type of filter cloth as standard. This has caused a problem, because the users of filter presses are from all walks of life, and the nature of the processed materials is also various. Even sewage from different factories in the same industry may be different. This brings great uncertainty to the optional filter cloth. Many users get the first time to use the filter press, which is often unsuccessful. The user does not understand that he will only say that your machine has a problem. This is not a problem of the filter press, but the choice of filter cloth for the plate and frame filter press and the problem of material properties. Generally, filter press users who have experience in use will fully consider the selection of filter cloth for filter press before ordering the machine and verify through some simple experiments. In this way, the optional filter cloth can basically meet the requirements. Instead of using it only to find that it does not work.

Filter Cloth

Normal machines need to send samples to plate and frame filter press manufacturers for a simple flocculation experiment before purchasing to determine whether the machine is suitable for use. The main purpose of the experiment is to determine the acidity and alkalinity of the material, the solid content, whether it is necessary to add a flocculant filter aid and select several filter cloths to test the filtration rate. The filter cloth of the filter press selected through these links is basically inseparable.

After the preliminary selection of the filter cloth model of the plate and frame filter press, the actual large-scale production verification is needed, which is to use the machine to see the actual results and replace it if it fails. It is necessary to change several filter cloths in the early stage to see the effect of use. Until the final selection of the plate and frame filter press filter model, to meet the accuracy, acid and alkali resistance, temperature and other technical requirements can be fixed, these must be done using the plate and frame filter press.

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