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What is the reason for the filter cloth when the sludge is dewatered and pressed?

Mar 11, 2020

At present, the plate and frame filter press for sludge dewatering is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises in China. The characteristics of the plate and frame filter press are simple operation, low moisture content of mud cake, little amount of dewatering agent, low efficiency and large manual strength. The following is a detailed analysis of the reasons for the press and adhesive press cloth for the frame press by the polyester press felt manufacturer.

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There are three reasons for the press and filter stick cloth of sludge dewatering plate frame:

Since lime is often used to adjust the PH value of water quality, the volume of sludge will be greatly increased by lime. Excessive addition of lime in adjusting the PH value will lead to excessive lime composition in plate and frame press and filter, which will lead to the sticking of a press cloth. The addition of lime can be reduced by adding a small amount of flake alkali.

When the polyacrylamide sludge dehydrator is used in plate and frame filter press, the sludge will become sticky due to the excessive dosage or too high concentration ratio during the dissolution. Gradually adjust the dosage of PAM can be solved.

Sometimes the dosage of lime and polyacrylamide is not large, but the sludge will stick to the filter cloth, because of the early use of lime pretreatment and plate and frame pressure filter PAM solution was placed too long time caused by the molecular weight degradation. The solution is: after the configuration of the polyacrylamide solution should not be placed for more than 24 hours, lime should adjust the PH value should be adjusted at will time not too long.

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