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Filter Filter Cloth Is Close To Zero Emission

Mar 21, 2019

The Polyester Filter Cloth is close to zero discharge and can reach strict environmental regulations. Good cleaning performance, can provide higher ventilation, or can reduce the pressure difference. The choice of dust bag should be based on the temperature, humidity and chemical characteristics of the gas; the size, weight, shape, dust filtration rate, cleaning method, discharge concentration, and bag filter function of the dust collector.

Polyester Filter Cloth

The Vacuum Filter Belt is used for air filtration and dust removal in daily life and is dedicated to polluting the ambient air. It is used in smelters, chemical plants, and sugar making. It is woven from natural fibers or decomposed fibers. The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the filter cloth is mainly to check and maintain the sealing of the hydraulic components and the interfaces. If the sludge filter press is not used for a long time, the plate filter press filter plate should be cleaned and cleaned and discharged to the frame of the filter press. 

The White Polyester Vacuum Filter Belt is cleaned and dried; the piston rod is exposed and the integrated block should be buttered.

Always check the sealing surface of the sludge filter press to ensure it is clean and clean. Before pressing, check the filter cloth carefully to ensure that the frame filter press has no folding, no damage, no slag, and it is smooth. In order to ensure the function of the filter press; the plate and frame filter press should always rinse the filter cloth to ensure good filtrate penetration.

The filter cloth is the heart of the filter press. The quality of the fabric directly affects the filtering effect of the filter press. The appearance of the filter residue is smooth and non-adhesive, such as brushing filter cloth, embedded filter cloth, filter cloth edge, filter cloth punching. Monofilament lining, filter cloth steel buckle connection, etc., to improve the filtration precision, the industrial filter cloth has been shaped, the industrial filter cloth improves the filtration precision, the smooth surface filter cake is easy to peel off, the filter cloth is easy to clean, smooth and flat, the filtrate will agile out of the filter cloth.

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