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How To Get The Dust Removal Efficiency Of Filter Cloth?

Mar 22, 2019

In order to obtain a high dust removal efficiency of the Vacuum Filter Belt, in addition to taking measures on the weaving method of the dust filter bag, it is necessary to rationally select the diameter of the filter cloth fiber. The dust-removing filter bag base fabric with smaller fiber diameter has higher dust removal efficiency, especially for collecting extremely fine dust. For example, a particle size of fewer than 1 μm requires a fine fiber material dust filter bag. Secondly, it must be able to meet the requirements of cleaning, and the dust filter bag maintains the economical resistance of 800-1500Pa. In addition to the reasonable selection of the cleaning method, the dust filter bag is also required to be easily cleaned. If the surface treatment increases the cost too much to be used, and there are no other conditions, you can take a small filter speed.

High Density Vacuum Filter Belt

Another method is to use a higher dust removal working temperature. Under the same conditions, it is easy to clean when the temperature is high. 

The Polyester Filter Cloth has a long service life, so it is especially suitable for the occasions where large flow rate requires closed filtration. In the process of use, the filter bag is directly connected to the pipe through a suitable joint, and the fluid gravity difference is used for filtering.

The remarkable feature of the High Density Vacuum Filter Belt is that the equipment does not need to be invested, and the filtration process is very simple and feasible. Such a product is very suitable for small-sized, multi-species, batch-type economical liquid filtration. In the process of gas cleaning, the filter bag mainly relies on the external atmospheric back-blowing filter bag, so that the ash accumulation on the filter bag can be cleaned to some extent. The gas cleaning includes pulse spraying, cleaning, and sucking. Wind cleaning and anti-blowing cleaning.

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