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How To Choose The Filter Cloth?

May 22, 2019

Here is Polyester Filter Cloth China Manufacturer talking about Machine features of slitter rewinder.

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As we all know, Polyester Filter Cloth has many different materials, such as polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, etc. The filter cloth is divided into a variety of materials mainly to adapt to different filtrates, so it is recommended that you choose the filter cloth. According to the filtrate, the specific selection method is as follows

1. According to the chemical properties such as acidity and alkalinity of the filtrate, different acid and alkali levels are selected to suit the filter cloth type. The strong acid resistance is polyester filter cloth, and the strong alkali resistance is the nylon filter cloth. The acid and alkali resistance is also the polypropylene filter cloth.

Polyester Filter Cloth China Manufacturer

2. The temperature and temperature of the filter are also a major factor affecting the working efficiency of the filter cloth of the filter press. The high-temperature resistance is a polyester filter cloth.

3. The peeling performance of the filter residue directly affects the working efficiency of the filter press equipment. The surface of the filter residue is smooth and non-sticky, and the filtrate will quickly bleed out from the medium filter cloth, and the filtration efficiency is high. On the contrary, the filter residue has to block properties, the filtration time will be long, and the efficiency will, of course, be correspondingly reduced. Moreover, the stronger the adhesion, the lower the efficiency. In this case, choose a monofilament filter cloth or a satin weave filter cloth.

4. The shape of the filter residue, whether the particles are uniform, and whether the shape is hard, so as to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. Uneven size and diamond angle, depending on the degree. Wear resistance is polyester filter cloth and warp filter cloth.

The filter cloth selected according to your actual needs is more targeted, not only the work efficiency is guaranteed, but also the filtering work can be completed, and the use time is long, which greatly saves your use cost. I hope that you can pay attention to this when selecting. 

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