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The Quality Index Of Polyester Mesh Fiber

Sep 05, 2019

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The Quality Index Of Polyester Mesh FiberThe Quality Index Of Polyester Mesh Fiber

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There are some quality index of polyester mesh fiber shared by Polyester Mesh Wholesaler today.

First, the concept of fiber quality

The quality of the fiber refers to the overall number of indicators that are decisive for the use value of the fiber product. The main indicators reflecting fiber quality are physical properties, including fiber length, fineness, specific gravity, gloss, moisture absorption, thermal properties, electrical properties, etc.; mechanical properties, including fracture strength, elongation at break, initial modulus, back Elasticity, resistance to multiple deformation, etc.; stability energy indicators, including stability to high and low temperatures, stability to light-atmosphere, stability to chemical agents and stability to microbes; processing performance indicators including fiber Cohesiveness, electrostatic and dyeing, etc.

Second, the specific indicators of fiber quality

1. The length of the fiber

The fiber length refers to the distance between the two ends measured when the fiber is not affected by external force, and the unit of measurement is millimeter (mm). Fiber length is the basis for determining the spinning equipment and spinning process parameters, and is also an important factor in determining yarn quality. Therefore, fiber length is an important indicator to measure fiber quality. The length of the chemical fiber can be artificially controlled, and the length of the natural fiber is natural.

2. The fineness of the fiber

The fiber fineness refers to the degree of fiber thickness expressed by the diameter of the fiber or the cross-sectional area. In many cases, it is often impossible to accurately express the diameter, cross-sectional area and other indicators due to the irregular shape of the fiber cross-section and the existence of the cavity, the gap, and the hole. It is customary to use the mass per unit length (line density) or the length per unit mass. (the reciprocal of the linear density) to indicate the fiber. In the chemical fiber industry, it is usually expressed by linear density, that is, linear density.

3. The density of the fiber

The density of a fiber refers to the mass of a fiber per unit volume. The unit is g/cm3. The density of polyester fibers commonly used in our acoustic nets is 1.38 g/cm3.

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