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What Are The Conditions That A Good Screen Needs To Meet?

Sep 09, 2019

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Polyester Mesh

Polyester Mesh

The drug screen is made of stainless steel wire, high carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire, medium carbon steel wire, nylon fiber, polyester monofilament. What are the conditions that a good screen needs to meet? Polyester Mesh Belts Manufacturer would like to share with you.

1. The screen is flat and the sides are parallel.

2. The outer dimensions and the shape of the edging are correctly matched with the tensioning plate and the screen frame on the sieve machine.

3. The edging form is reasonable, which is conducive to the tension of the screen.

4. The weaving form is reasonable, the process ensures that the steel wire is tightly woven and cannot be loosened.

5. The material is special wear-resistant steel wire. The chemical composition of C and Mn is required to be high enough, while Si, P and S should be as low as possible. In physical processing, the processing needs to ensure that the material has the fineness of fine structure as much as possible. The heat treatment requirements are to reach the Sorbite structure, and the condition can be quickly heat treated to the refined austenite structure and then tempered until the grain is finer. The structure of the body is such that the material has high strength and good torsion value after processing, and of course the manufacturing cost is high.

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