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Summary Of Reasons For Filter Cloth Damage

Dec 23, 2019

Filter cloth rupture and damage are common problems encountered in the application of filter presses. Most users encounter filter cloth damage. The only solution is to replace it, which not only affects production efficiency and causes economic loss. Plain weaving polyester fabrics factory shares with you.

There are three common causes of filter cloth damage:

1. Filter cloth quality is the main cause of filter cloth rupture. Today's filter cloths are woven from fibers. Often the quality of the fibers affects the quality of the filter cloth. Filter cloth woven from short fibers is more likely to break than filter cloth woven from long fibers. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss, it is best to choose a quality filter cloth. It is also necessary to choose the appropriate filter cloth type according to the filtration process.

2. On the filter press, the filter cloth is placed in the middle of the filter plate. By applying strong pressure to the overall filter plate, the filter cloth is fixed on the belt filter press. When the filter plate is worn or deformed, it will cause the filter cloth is unevenly stressed in the device, some places are under strong pressure, and some places are loose. These places are prone to filter cloth movement, causing the filter cloth to tear.

3. Filter fluid is also one of the important reasons for damaging the filter cloth of filter press. Because the filtration liquid contains a large number of solids, and the filter press temporarily stores the solids intercepted in the filter cloth, when the solid particles have sharp shape, it is also easy to cause damage to the filter cloth.

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After understanding these reasons, everyone can solve the problem of filter cloth damage from the source, and in the process, developing the good habit of multiple inspection and maintenance is the best way to prevent filter cloth damage.

Filter press In the filtration work, the filter cloth is an important part of the filter press, which has a great impact on the normal operation of the filter. If the filter cloth is damaged, folded, or wrinkled during the work process, it will affect the filtering efficiency of the equipment and need to be resolved in time.

The wrinkle of the filter cloth is usually caused by incorrect alignment. Insufficient tension may also cause the filter cloth to wrinkle. Although the filter is equipped with a weighted rotating wheel to tighten the filter cloth, the wheel also needs to be weighted. A slot is left on the roller slider for use by adding weight.

Sometimes depositing solids on the filter cloth roll or sliding adjustment block will cause the filter cloth to be misaligned and wrinkled. When this happens, first stop the filter and thoroughly clean the rollers and slide adjustment block. Start the drive and readjust the filter cloth for centering and tensioning. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids during normal operation of the filter. If necessary, increase the amount of flushing water to remove residual solids.

Remind everyone that in the process of solving the problem of the filter cloth, it is necessary to keep the filter cloth centered and not wrinkled. Only in this way can the solid-liquid separation work be successfully completed and the proper equipment treatment effect be exerted.

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