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How To Choose The Centrifuge Filter Bag

Dec 12, 2019

In recent years, with the demand of industrial production, centrifuge equipment products have been widely recognized, its production efficiency to help enterprises to generate income can not play an impenetrable role, on how to play the best performance of centrifuge equipment, its filter bag is the key. So, how to choose the right filter bag, the following woven polyester filter fabric manufacturer shares with you.

Several problems and countermeasures often encountered in production:

Polyester Synthetic Filter Mesh Screen

1. Slow filtration speed, long separation time, an average effect. Reason one: The pore size of the filter cloth is smaller than the particle size of the material, resulting in slow liquid discharge and long separation time. Solution: first understand the characteristics of the filter material itself, temperature, particle size, viscosity, etc., whether it is an acidic substance or an alkaline substance, Polyester synthetic filter mesh screen acid resistance, polypropylene material filter cloth acid and alkali resistance, the acid, and alkali thick material will The cloth itself plays a role in changing the aperture. The second is to comprehensively combine the correct selection. The long fiber of the filter cloth is easy to deal with viscous substances, and the short fiber of the filter cloth is easy to deal with fine-medium. However, we still have many users with high precision requirements, such as 1000 mesh to 5000 mesh, and even 1000 mesh media. The demand for this kind of filter cloth is also often encountered and successfully solved.

2, easy to run, poor interception; reason one: the pore size of the filter cloth is larger than the particle size of the material, resulting in the phenomenon of solid-liquid separation of the filtrate is not clear; reason two: as mentioned above, the long fiber and short fiber are not properly selected The distinction of filter cloth. Reason three: The supporting filter bag manufacturers are not very professional, and "blindly select blind guides", so that customers frequently change the filter bags. Solution: The actual situation of the filter media in the comprehensive production itself should be stated in the description with the manufacturer, mainly referring to the first article above, and relatively experienced and persuasive.

3, easy to break, short life; reason one: there is a problem with the material of the filter cloth itself, professionally, there are jumpers or vertical and horizontal tension in the production, the extension force does not reach the industry standard; reason two: the splicing of the filter bag itself Large leaves and sparse sutures. The dense places are not sewn and fastened, which may cause the phenomenon of thread off-line and running material in use. Solution: According to the model (three-leg type, flat type, hanging bag type, lower discharge, upper discharge, etc.), including the size of the drum, the greater the power, the higher the requirements for the filter cloth, so this is very important.

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