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How To Choose Filter Cloth For Filter Press

Dec 05, 2019

Filter cloth is a main filter medium. The selection and use of filter cloth have a decisive effect on the filtering effect. When selecting, the appropriate filter cloth material and pore size should be selected according to the PH value of the filter material and the particle size of the solid to ensure low Filtration cost and high filtration efficiency. When using, make sure that the filter cloth is flat and not discounted, and the pore diameter is unobstructed. Polyester filter fabric manufacturer shares with you.

The selection of filter cloth for filter press equipment is very important to the quality of the filter. During the use of the filter press, the filter cloth plays a key role. The performance is good or bad, the correct selection directly affects the filtering effect. Among the currently used filter cloths, the most common are filter cloths woven from synthetic fibers, which can be divided into polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and nylon according to their materials. In order to achieve ideal retention and filtration speed, the choice of filter cloth also needs to be selected according to the particle size, density, chemical composition, and filtration process conditions. Due to the different woven materials and methods of the filter cloth, their strength, elongation, breathability, thickness, etc. are different, which affects the filtering effect. In addition, the filter media also includes cotton woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, screens, filter paper, and microporous membranes, etc., depending on the actual filtration requirements.

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Incorrect selection of filter cloth, the following problems faced in production:

1. Running material appearance (poor interception, unclear filtrate);

2. Easy to block (slow filtration speed and poor recycling effect);

3. The filter cake is difficult to peel (high water content, filter cake cleaning wastes manpower);

4. Short service life (no irregular breakage of the filter cloth and obvious differences before and after use);

The effective selection will have the following effects:

1. The filtrate is clear and the interception is 99%;

2. Increased flow and increased production capacity to reach the desired filtration effect;

3. Smooth cake-removing effect and high artificial efficiency;

4. Maximize the life of filter plate and polyester fabric mesh, reduce cost control.

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