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What Is The Filtration Performance Of The Filter Cloth? 2

Mar 28, 2019

2. Non-woven industry Polyester Filter Cloth heating method, the various fibers together with a certain resin binder and solvent to make a 0.2-2 thickness paper-like industrial filter cloth. 

The Polyester Filter Fabric structure of the industrial filter cloth is not regular but is disorderly and closely arranged, so its strength is worse than that of the textile industry, stronger than the filter paper, and the porosity is thicker than the filter paper, so the specific resistance filter paper is smaller. 

Polyester Filter Fabric

Non-woven industrial Polyester Mesh has been used on filter presses and horizontal disc filters, mainly for clarifying filtration and purifying solid particles in low concentration suspensions. Such as beverages, serums, varnishes, lubricants, etc. and filtration of plant gums. The filtration mechanism of the filter cloth in the non-woven industry is roughly classified filtration, that is, the surface layer of the industrial filter cloth is cut into large particles (greater than 100), and the inner layer intercepts the highly dispersed small particles.

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