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What Is The Filtration Performance Of The Filter Cloth?

Mar 27, 2019

1. The textile Polyester Anti-static Fabrics is woven from three different types of yarns, single fiber (single twisted yarn), multifilament long fiber (fixed length fiber yarn) and staple fiber (multiply twisted yarn). Monofilament is generally a single filament of synthetic fiber drawn into a diameter of 0.16-0.32 (some occasions even 1). 

The industrial Filtering Polyester Screen woven from it has a smooth surface, simple void, small specific resistance, minimal clogging and easy cleaning. And the best slag discharge performance, but it captures the particle diameter snare, which should not be used for precision filtration. 

Filtering Polyester Screen

When the suspension having a wide particle size distribution is separated, the separation effect is affected. The multifilament long-staple yarn is made of two or more strands of raw yarn and is woven into an industrial filter cloth. The tensile strength is good, the retention property of the particles is better than that of the monofilament, and the slag discharge performance is slightly poor. Staple fiber is made of natural cotton, wool fiber or synthetic staple fiber. It has good particle retention performance due to its fluffy fiber and good sealing performance. However, the shortcoming is that the pore is easily blocked by particles, cleaning and The slag discharge performance is poor.

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