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Related Introduction About Polyester Filter Cloth

Aug 01, 2019

Polyester Filter Fabric refers to a filter material made of polyester fiber. Polyester filter cloth is divided into polyester long fiber filter cloth and polyester staple fiber filter cloth.

Polyester staple fiber filter material properties: acid, weak alkali. Abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, recovery, and poor electrical conductivity. The temperature resistance of polyester fiber is generally 130---150 °C. This product has the unique advantages of ordinary felt filter cloth, and it has very good wear resistance and high cost performance. It is the most used in felt filter material.

Polyester Filter Fabric

Polyester Filter Fabric

Some features of polyester filter cloth shared by Heat Resistance Polyester Fabric Filter Manufacturer:

Heat resistance: 120 ° C, elongation at break (%): 20-50, breaking strength (g/d): 438, melting point (°C) 238·240, melting point (°C): 255 to 260. Proportion: 1.38. Filtration performance: The raw material structure of polyester short fiber filter cloth is short and hairy, the fabric weaved is dense, the particle retention is good, but the peeling property and the gas permeability are poor. Strength wear resistance, water leakage is not as good as polyester long fiber filter cloth.

Physical properties: moisture regain rate <0.4%, specific gravity is 1.38.

Mechanical properties: High strength 4~5.5g/D, good elastic and elastic recovery, elongation of 15~30%, good wear resistance.

Chemical properties: Acid and alkali resistant.

Heat resistance: dry temperature <200 ° C, wet temperature <220 ° C, softening point 230 ° C, melting point 256 ~ 265 ° C, good heat resistance and deformation stability.

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