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What Is A Polyester Mesh?

Oct 21, 2019

Polyester Mesh is a mesh that is woven using different weaving methods using textile machinery. Polyester mesh is one of the world's major drying and filtering materials, so it is widely used in papermaking, sewage treatment, sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramics, food, printing, coal washing and other industries.

It is an indispensable valuable and easy-to-consume dewatering equipment in the paper industry. It is also called polyester papermaking net when it is used in the papermaking field. Polyester mesh has the characteristics of high strength, small deformation, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long service life. It is used in sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramic, food, printing, coal washing and other industries.

According to the use, it can be divided into polyester molding net, polyester dry net, polyester spiral net, pressure filter, sludge dewatering net, washing net, weaving net, polyethylene net, decorative net, polyester net according to weaving series. The division can be divided into four series, five comprehensive, seven comprehensive, eight comprehensive, sixteen comprehensive, twenty-four comprehensive series. According to the type, it can be divided into single layer network, double layer network, two layer and half network, and three layer network. The polyester mesh has acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life, and is several times that of woven dry carpet, canvas and general dry net. The mesh surface is flat, the tensile strength is high, and the air permeability is good. High heat transfer efficiency saves energy for users. Easy to install and use, the interface has no marks, and the strength can reach the normal network. So how should the polyester mesh be used? Our Polyester Screen Mesh Manufacturer will come to tell you.

1. Before the Internet, the machine is calibrated, and the rollers are rotated and maneuvered, and no dirt or dirt is allowed. Put the net into the use workshop one week in advance to adapt to the temperature change.

2. When you are on the Internet, you should stop contact with sharp edges and corners. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and open fire on the net. Strictly press the line on the net to prohibit the reverse. The network ports should be aligned, and the threading is forbidden to be lapped from both ends.

3. The utilization temperature of the net shall not exceed 150°C. Before each operation, the mesh surface shall not be contaminated with impurities. The net needs to be soaked in water before running. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited. Rinse with water after shutdown to prepare for next use.

4, the first run tension should not be too large, after the operation is stable, then add tension loading. Due to the characteristics of the polyester network, there will be physical changes in the initial operation, which can be mediated according to the actual environment.

5. Storage conditions of the net: the temperature is about 20°C, and the relative humidity is about 50%. Due to the difference in temperature and humidity in various regions, even if the network is first used first.

6, the cleaning of the net: pay attention to the scientific use of cleaning agents, chemical cleaning must use neutral or 5% cold lye to clean with a soft brush, and then immediately rinse with clean water. The utilization temperature of the polyester mesh shall not exceed 150 degrees, the tension of the single layer forming mesh shall be controlled at 40-50 N/cm, the tension of the forming mesh of the double layer or more shall be controlled at 60-70 N/cm, and the tension of the dry mesh shall be controlled at 15N-25N/CM. Due to the special nature of the original material of the polyester mesh, the scientific use of the cleaning agent should be paid attention to when cleaning the polyester mesh. The chemical washing agent must be cleaned with a neutral soft lye of about 5%, and then rinsed with clean water immediately.

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt

So how do you choose the right polyester mesh for your paper mill? Mainly based on the following:

1. Model: Each paper mill should choose the model that the factory uses according to the industry scale (QB/T3532-99) of “Paper Making Polyester Forming Network” according to the factors such as production equipment, production paper type and slurry ratio.

2. Width and net width can be calculated according to the following formula: b=B/(1-a)+150mm.B—the gross width of the paper on the reel: a—the total shrinkage rate of the paper (%); 150 mm—including online The width of the wet paper trimming width, the edge-fixing device and the width of the net name (this data can be properly increased or decreased according to the state of the paper machine).

3. Length: When the paper machine net part is adjusted to the zero position, it is ready to measure the circumference of the forming network running circle. The length of the net is larger than the circumference, and the minimum length of the running can be on the machine.

The above is the knowledge about polyester mesh. If you are interested in polyester mesh, you can contact us. We have a variety of polyester mesh including Polyester Spiral Mesh Belt. The quality is excellent. Welcome to buy.

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